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I'm the principal of a solo healthcare consulting practice that turns “Data into Actionable Information”.  Unlike other consulting companies, I roll my selves and deep dives into your data to find hidden value. Pulling the data or taking a prepared flat file, I verify and aggregate the data to show leverage points and profitability of pursuing various strategies.  Some clients prefer to illustrate their data findings by using Tableau for visual impact, especially when focusing on growth strategy.  Whether it is to optimize your surgical spend or review
your shared risk pools, or build detailed financial models for new ventures, I stand behind my work and endeavor to make sure the client’s expectations are exceeded.

I have over 25 years of managed care experience on both the payer and provider side. While at Health Net,
as AVP of Financial Planning and Analysis, I was the financial lead taking the company public. We had over
36 quarters of profitability while tripling the top line in both members, products, and revenues.  Additionally I worked for Blue Shield of California, Surgical Care Affiliates, and Atrium as well as teaching Healthcare
Finance at the University of California at Northridge.


On the personal side, I'm a single-digit golfer, certified scuba diver, and even hitched hiked 10,000 miles across Australia.  I love to hit the gym and explore new ventures and ideas.  I'm married and live in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Digital Work
Discussing the Numbers


Strategic Planning


Using geo-location data for surgeons, facilities, and members determine the most efficient way to grow and contract.

Financial Modeling 


What are the key drivers and leverage points of your business?How does data-mining make you more profitable?

Shared Risk & Shared Savings


Expert in creating and reviewing programs

New Product Development


Due Diligence, Merger & Acquisition,

Financial Analysis

Training, Teaching, Mentoring


Upgrading capabilities and increasing effectiveness.
















Ability to work confidentially.


Over 25 years of healthcare experience in Managed Healthcare, understand the continuum of FFS, DFFS, Case Rates, and Capitation.


Financial lead on taking Health Net public. AVP of Financial Planning and Analysis that included 36 quarters of growing Revenues, Members, Products, and Profits.


Created new Risk-Adjusted Shared Risk program for Health Net that allowed contracting flexibility and pinpoint and reward providers for areas of improvement.


Developed Optimization Template for SCA. (Surgical Care Affiliates.)

Able to get into the data, and uncover hidden value. Connect surgeons, facilities, and members with geolocating data that presents a powerful strategic road map. Expert in Excel, SQL, and Tableau.



"Alan is a very knowledgeable finance professional who provided timely insight at a time when we were developing multiple products and evaluating several acquisitions. He performed flawlessly in a high pressure, short time frame environment. He would be an asset to any health related organization that is looking for a seasoned and successful financial mind. I continue to use Alan's services when our project schedules align."

John Wagner

Principal of Ninelevan Associates

"Alan is a strategic thinker, has an excellent track record for managing the financials at Health Net and is a leader in SG&A cost management. He has an excellent reputation in the business, is honest, communicates well and has integrity. I highly recommend Alan for C-suite level leadership roles."

Tammy Tucker

Healthcare Executive

"Alan is a disciplined business strategist, analyst, and leader. He processes input better than most in all aspects of business and business management. The use of data in strategic planning results in improved processes and marketable solutions. A definite high level thinker in the managed care, health and well being segment, My first M&A lesson in the business was delivered by Mr. Sterling."

James Fuhrman

CEO of Nevada Dental Benefits, Ltd



Benefits Point

Helix Benefit Solutions​

​Companies I worked with while employed by either Health Net or Surgical Care Affiliates

North Texas Surgical Providers (NTSP)